Happy Spring!

March can be a hard month here in the state of Maine. Day Light Savings Time makes it harder to wake up in the days of this cool clime and the mud that the melting snow creates doesn’t help either.  Warmer months are around the corner.

During the long winter months, it is not unusual to pick up some unhealthy habits to fight off the winter doldrums. Start recharging your body now for the new warm weather season.

Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather and fresh air. A nice walk on the beach or one of our local Forts like Fort Foster is a great way to reconnect with nature. It is interesting to see nature unfolding as it awakens to a new season.

Exercise of any type will help to make you feel better and sleep better too.

Allergy season for many is starting to kick in. Start thinking of what you will need in advance to ward off bothersome allergies that can turn into other conditions such as ear infections or sinus infections. Saline nasal sprays and saltwater gargles can be helpful. Not only might medications be needed, but think of what can be done to avoid the allergen. If it is pollen, change clothing when you come inside from an outdoor activity.

Clean out the air and dust in your home that gathers from not being able to open the windows in the colder months. Involve your children in the cleaning process. Adding music to the task can make it seem less of a chore.

Tick season can mean daily tick checks and prevention of tick-borne illness is key. Wear light-colored clothing and tuck pants into shoes or socks for easier tick checks. If you have outdoor pets, check them when they return indoors.

Kindergarten Registration is April 5th and 26th and May 8th and 16th. Please bring your child’s immunizations and most recent physical exam.