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 Required Vaccine Information

Maine immunization requirements for admission to school include the completed series of  Dtap, Polio, MMR and one Varicella vaccine for those entering grades K through 6th grade. Students entering 7th grade require Tdap and the MCV4 (Meningococcal Vaccine). Students entering 12th grade will require 2 of the MVC4 vaccine. See details here: Maine Immunization Requirements


Covid Vaccines:

Covid-19 vaccines are now available to those 12 years of age and older. For more information on how to find a vaccine location: Covid-19 Vaccine Sites. For more information: Covid-19-vaccine-myths-debunked


 Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are required every two years. Please make sure that the school nurse has a copy of your athlete's most recent physical exam prior to play. Sports physicals can be obtained by your child's primary health care provider. Convenient MD offers low cost sports physicals. If you need assistance with obtaining a sports physical for your child please contact the school nurse.

Post COVID-19 Physical Activity Clearance Notification 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently provided guidance on return to physical activity after a COVID-19 diagnosis for individuals 12 years of age and older. This guidance stresses the importance of documented medical evaluation and clearance from a provider before engaging in physical activity after a COVID-19 infection. 

o   All students 12 years of age and older with a history of a COVID-19 infection will require Post COVID-19 specific medical clearance from a provider for participation in any school sport or after school, school sponsored physical activity.

o   Students 12 years of age and older with a diagnosis of COVID-19 will require post COVID-19 medical clearance before participating in PE classes as well. 

o   Students under 12 may return to physical activity as tolerated, though it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that you discuss this with your student’s primary care provider.

We strongly encourage you to consider these recommendations regardless of the COVID-19 diagnosis date and to follow this guidance for non-school related physical activity. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your student’s school nurse.


Gradual Return to Activity Protocol after COVID-19 Infection

For use in children 12 years and older, children less than 12 years old may return to physical activity as tolerated

Stage 1: Day 1 and Day 2 (2 Days Minimum) – 15 minutes or less: Light activity (walking, jogging,  stationary bike) – intensity no greater than 70% of maximum heart rate.* NO resistance training. 

Stage 2: Day 3 – (1 Day Minimum) – 30 minutes or less- Add simple movement activities (e.g. running  drills) – intensity no greater than 80% of maximum heart rate.*

Stage 3: Day 4 – (1 Day Minimum) – 45 minutes or less- Progress to more complex training – intensity  no greater than 80% of maximum heart rate.* May add light resistance training. 

Stage 4: Day 5 and Day 6 – (2 Days Minimum) – 60 minutes- Normal training activity- intensity no  greater than 80% of maximum heart rate.*

Stage 5: Day 7- Return to full activity/participation (i.e. Contests/competitions)

If COVID-19-related symptoms develop with the resumption of activity at any time, including up to 4  weeks after infection (i.e. shortness of breath, chest pressure/pain, dyspnea, exercise intolerance,  dizziness, syncope or palpitations), discontinue physical exertion, and advise family to contact their  healthcare provider. Provider clearance will be needed before return to activity.

*Note: For younger children and those not able to track heart rate, follow the time limits as above and  recommend the child should be able to talk during exercise (ie – not significantly out of breath) in  stages 1-3.

(The following progression was adapted from Elliott N, et al, infographic, British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2020)