Weather Changes
It is that time of year when the weather can change 10 to 20 degrees in a 24 hour period of time! Layers work best to keep body temperature comfortable and to be prepared when the weather changes quickly. Mornings can be cool with a warmer afternoon.

Flu Season
With flu season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about flu vaccines.  In our area, most pharmacies will administer the flu vaccine to those over the age of 9 years old and some only over the age of 18 years old. You can check with your local pharmacy. The York Hospital Walk-Ins have flu vaccine and typically you do not need to make an appointment to obtain the vaccine.  The Convenient MD in Portsmouth is also offering flu vaccines. These are at no cost. Walk in or arrange for a certain time at: https://convenientmd.com

Hand washing
Hand washing is the single most important step in preventing infection, especially the flu. To highlight the importance of this activity share the following funny and informative video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5PwLAZNnKc&feature=youtu.be

Have fun!
There are lots of seasonal activities that you and your family can experience together this season.  It is one of the advantages to living in New England! Check your local listings and enjoy the time you have with the ones you love. Remember, it’s not always what you say or do that counts, but how you make those around you feel.