Fall 2018

The power is in YOUR hands to PREVENT respiratory infections!

Avoid touching the T-Zone area (eyes, nose and mouth mucous membranes) as much as possible, particularly through the flu season.
Get plenty of rest. Evidence suggests that less than 6 hours of sleep a night can lead to more susceptibility to the flu.
Keep hydrated. Dehydration can lead mucous membranes to become less moist. In turn, this can cause the membrane to tear easier and allow germs to enter.
Be active. Evidence suggests that stress and lack of physical activity can put a strain on your immune system. Your immune system fights off infections when it is healthy.
Get your flu shot. If you do not have insurance to pay for a flu vaccine, you can go to a Convenient MD location for a free flu vaccine.

Thankful for Thanksgiving
Holidays can be a stressful time for families with traveling and extended family visiting. Take time out and enjoy the holidays. Start by making plans that are good for you and your family. If you have two sides of the family both wanting you to come to for the day, consider celebrating it on a different day with extended family to make scheduling easier. Prepare your menu ahead of time and have small tasks that others can do to feel included. Have others bring appetizers or dessert.  Make sure you all get plenty of rest. Know that there will be a lot of traffic, so plan ahead. Most importantly take time to be grateful and share what you are grateful for with others in your family.

“Thoughts and emotions are not really our mind. They just go drifting by like clouds. It’s all a question of our perspective. Whether we view our thoughts and emotions the way the sky views the clouds, or we view them like someone down on the ground looking up and unable even to believe there is a sky up there beyond the clouds.”  William Sieber PhD