Winter flu info

Flu Symptom Checklist for Families

Confirmed cases of influenza have been identified in Maine.  We expect that we will continue to detect cases into the fall and winter, and that the number of cases may increase.  As we strive to keep everyone healthy this school year, it is most important that students and adults who are sick not go to school, work, or social activities.  The following checklist can help determine if someone has influenza-like illness (ILI).

Does my child have the flu?

    Yes         No      Does your child have a fever of 100 degrees of more?
    Yes         No      Does your child have a cough?
    Yes         No      Does your child have a sore throat?

Should I keep my child home?

If you checked yes to:            Fever of 100 degrees or more
                              A cough or a sore throat

Your child has an influenza-like illness.  Keep your child home for 24 hours after the fever resolves without the use of medication. 

If you checked yes to only one of the questions above, or if your child is ill with other symptoms, keep your child at home at least one day to observe for additional symptoms.  If additional symptoms develop, use the checklist questions again to decide whether to continue to keep the child home. 

When should my child go to the doctor?

Call your doctor or seek medical care if your child has trouble breathing or has behavior changes including changes in eating or drinking habits.  Call your health care provider if your child is ill enough that you would normally seek health care advice.  

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