Combat the Flu! Besides getting a flu shot…

The flu season is in full swing across the country.  Keep track of where we are at in the state of Maine by visiting the CDC website: Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update at

Did you know that increasing humidity in your home could help reduce the chance of you and your family catching the flu? Dry air allows germs to travel further through the air. If those germs land on mucous membranes (nose or mouth) that are also dry they have an easier entrance to your body to flourish. Read the entire article here:

Fight by avoiding the T-zone. We touch our faces multiple times per day. By avoiding touching the T-zone (eyes, nose, mouth) you avoid the areas most susceptible to the entry of germs into the body.

During the year of the Swine Flu, fewer people were infected as the nation was on high alert to wash hands and cover coughs.

Winter Wellness

Apply lotion to dry skin at least weekly and more if needed. If dry skin becomes cracked or peeled, taking a warm bath in Epsom Salt can not only hydrate the skin but soften it as well.

Get at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day to keep your melatonin levels high enough to get some good sleep. Consider Vitamin D if you can’t get outside.

Laughter can help to reduce the winter blues and your stress level. Find ways to connect with people and share a laugh!