Spring Health Update

Spring is here! We hope everyone is enjoying the great outdoors in the beautiful area in which we live. 

While enjoying the sun, please be sure to cover exposed skin with sunscreen and reapply often as needed, particularly if sweating or swimming.

Although having a mild winter was nice, with it comes an increase in the Tick population. We have some nice resources listed to the right that will help in identifying a tick if you or your child do come in contact with one. Typically a tick must burrow in and be viable for 36 hours in order to transmit disease. Always check in with your health provider if you have been bitten by a deer tick and are uncertain as to how long it has been attached.

Got Drugs?
Turn in your unused, unwanted or expired medications for safe disposal.
This includes prescription, over-the-counter or veterinary pills, drops, and ointments. 
Anonymous and FREE                                                           • NO illegal substances
DRUG TAKE BACK DAY Saturday, April 30th
10am – 2pm
Kittery Fire Station
3 Gorges Rd.