Mitchell School Nurse

My name is Sharon Stathoplos and I am a Registered Nurse and Nationally Certified in School Nursing.  The students call me “Shay” or Nurse Shay” and know that I like to have fun as I care for them and/or teach them to care for themselves. 

I am in the nursing office from 7:45 AM to 3:15 PM. My direct line is 439-5855 and you are welcome to call any time. If I do not answer the phone, it may be that I am unable to get to the phone at that moment, so please leave a message. I will call back as soon as I am able. You can always reach me via e-mail:

My goal is to help children remain in school by helping them to stay healthy and to adapt to whatever internal or external issue that might be getting in the way of their education.

For example, accidents and injuries can occur during recess and physical education. While many children make their way into the nursing office in tears, it is mostly the fear of what has just happened versus a true physical injury. Helping a child identify fear as the reason for their tears versus a minor injury helps them to begin to learn the mind body connection. I do this through the use of humor, at times, to dispense with the emotional charge in order to assess for injury while the child is calmer.  

Children with chronic disease will learn about their illness as they visit my office. My goal is to educate them about any medication they take at school and the symptom of disease specific to them that the medication is to target. I work best when I am able to work in conjunction with the child’s parent and healthcare provider so that I can help provide them with a picture of what a school day might mean for the child. (Please know that Maine State Law states that all medications must be brought into the school by an adult and must be in an appropriate pharmacy labeled container.)

Acute illness is sometimes a more difficult one to assess and I may call a parent to discuss what the child is telling me. I feel parents know their child best so when there are not clear objective signs of illness in the child, I have learned that a parental consult can usually clarify the issue.

Natural treatments such as salt-water rinses or honey for a cough, rest, stretching for growing pains, and even short bursts of exercise are used before medications. We have specific physician orders for over-the-counter products and these are used only with parental consent.

Check out the Nursing blog on the Kittery School website. It is loaded with health forms, illness guidelines, links to health information and much more.

Thank you for letting me care for your child!
Sharon Stathoplos RNC/BSN/NCSN   “Shay”